110 Walton St, Port Hope Restoration. Studio & 3 apartments

The Details ➤

  • Stripped paint off brick and re bricked 40% of front with 100% brick pointed with heritage mortars.  
  • All new custom made Douglas Fir windows with thermal pane units. 
  • New Douglas Fir front façade to match original with handicapped accessible opener 
  • Hot Yoga studio with custom moldings and standard commercial grade finishes 
  • 3 High end apartments with hardwood floors, custom concrete counters, roof top patios and all modern amenities. 

Fun Fact! Heritage brick should never be painted as it needs to breath and allow moisture to pass through evenly with change of seasons. If your brick is painted it can lead to brick spalling and other damage!

54 Walton

The Carlyle

110 Walton

Coffee Public



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