The details

At Henderson Constuction we have been waterproofing foundations (poured concrete, cinder block, stone, and wood) since 2005. We have a phenomenal amount of experience when it comes to modern and heritage foundations. For modern foundations we clean wall to footing depth, repair any cracks as necessary and apply an aquabloc primer for our fully rubberized membrane to adhere too.

After that is done we install a dimple board membrane which is the 1st layer of defense to water and protection for the membrane. New weeping tile and stone at footings is installed then backfill follows with approved granular backfill. We never put clay back against your house.

For Heritage foundation’s we clean and point the stones with similar strength mortars and install a Roxul drain board which promotes breathability and drainage against the stone wall. Then we proceed to installing dimple board layer over top and proceed with new weepers, stone and backfill.

*Inside water proofing should only be used as a last resort. We are fully WSIB compliant and carry 5 million dollar Liability.


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